गुरुवार, 6 जनवरी 2011

Display hidden files in Windows XP

How do I change my settings on my Microsoft Windows XP computer so that I can see every file on the hard disk, not just those that are ordinarily "visible"(system files)?
Easy question to answer, but you have to poke around a bit to find the right checkbox to mark. In Windows go to START --> Control Panels and choose "Folder Options"
Now you'll see the basic set of "General" view options for your folders:
Note particularly that this is where you can switch back to "Classic" folder views if you don't like the list of common tasks that appears in most folders you open (I generally like them, actually, as they help me figure out how to quickly solve problems, but you might prefer just seeing more files and folders in that window).

What you seek, however, is under the "View" option:

I've circled it here so you can see the option, it's "show hidden files and folders". Choose that, click "Apply" and you'll be able to see those mystery files until you switch back.